Bean Boulevard

“The Road to Great Taste!” 

Bean Boulevard coffee beans, blends, and espresso drinks was created by Pamperin in 2002 along with the Bean Boulevard cafés and implemented into Grand Central Station convenience stores.  Bean Boulevard dispensed coffees and cappuccinos can be found at all GCS locations. Supplying its customers with a full service coffee and espresso bar as well as fresh baked pastry everyday, Bean Boulevard cafés create a coffee house ambiance with a convenience store backdrop. Bean Boulevard cafés currently reside in 3 GCS locations. 

Ask for a Bean Boulevard Punch Card today.  Buy any 10 cups of Bean Boulevard coffee, receive the 11th cup FREE.

Creating a classy, relaxing, clean environment filled with light woods and contemporary metals, Bean Boulevard cafés are equipped with wireless internet connection, Plasma televisions, and two-way fire places to set the big city coffee house mood.  In addition to the serene atmosphere, for those customers on the go, Bean Boulevard Cafés provide drive through service as well as to-go cups and pastry boxes.  Bean Boulevard offers better blends and a larger variety, friendly knowledgeable staff, fresh baked pastries, and an atmosphere that is unbeatable.

Working with Victor Allen and Chambers and Owens, the Bean Boulevard Coffee Brand is served in 135 locations distributed in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio by Chambers and Owens.  In addition, Victor Allen distributes the Bean Boulevard Brand in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico through additional wholesalers. 

Bean Boulevard Coffee blends can be matched to every coffee drinkers specific taste.  Below are descriptions of all the Bean Boulevard blends. Go to the Bean Boulevard nearest you to try a cup today.

Breakfast Blend
Very light roasts (orange brown or cinnamon color)
Primary taste: highly acid, sharp, raw, hint of grain taste, very thin
Regular roasts (medium brown color)
Primary taste: brightly acid, but not sharp or raw, not grain tasting, richer, not thin, complex fruit/acid/chocolate flavors
Medium roast (dark brown color)    
Primary taste: elegant acidity reminiscent of apples and pears
Espresso roasts (darker brown color)
Primary taste: moderate to low acid, smooth rich caramel flavor, medium heavy body, nutty, sweet flavor and "toasted" aroma
Dark roasts (very dark brown, slightly oily)
Primary taste: low acid, mild smoky flavor, like charcoal but not harsh like tar, heavy body, deep but mild burnt flavor and aroma
Velvet French Roast
Very dark roasts (brownish black to black)
Primary taste: very low acid, but deeply smoky with a tarry/rough edge. Burnt, very heavy body

A Decaf Columbian blend is also offered for those customers desiring a decaffeinated drink.

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